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Does RenewGlow hair supplement work? – My experience

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Having noticed my hair thinning over the past 4 years I’ve been looking for help everywhere. At first I noticed when I brushed my hair that more and more would get stuck to my brush, then the hair it self began to look less full and it only got worse from there, my nails began to be more brittle… Being in my forties I knew this came with age, I just didn’t want it to…

I’ve tried many different products, from shampoos, to biotin supplements, and oil based hair masks… Some showed improvement but very little and nothing I could really feel sure off. Two month ago I was back to researching options to make may hair thicker, and something for my brittle nails. I read a few websites about biotin in combination with certain vitamins and started looking for products like that.

Somethings I already knew like, your hair, but also your skin and your nails get weaker with age, one of many aspects that speed this up, which I did not know, is oxidative damage from the environment, in the air, as well as certain food we eat, for example the ones that contain pesticides.

So I began my search for a product that would contain a variation of biotin, and some vitamins against oxidation, and came across three websites praising RenewGlow, but being a sceptic, and having tried half the sephora store already I wasn’t about to just get it.

So I began doing more research about the ingredients in renewglow as well as the company that produces it.

What is Renewglow?

Well the company says it is a dietary supplement designed to promote stronger, fuller and shinier hair, smoother skin and stronger nails.
We all know that a healthy diet makes your whole body glow. The opposite is also true. Unfortunately, so true. I remember my mom telling me to stop eating salami if I wanted a clear skin. Did I listen to her? Of course not. Well, here I am, 42 years old, looking for a cure to my thinning splitting and brittle nails. Much of my research pointed to the ingredients being fairly good, and one ingredient I’ve never heard about Gotu Kola extract, that apparently is undergoing a tone of research for collagen growth, the number one factor for hair strength, springy and tight skin, as well as a major component of nails. So I decided to give it a try and ordered two bottles of renewlgow.
In one word: RenewGlow, is incredible!

It has a combination of essential vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts, a ton of vitamins —B complex, C & E to name a few— and super-loaded with Biotin, which plays a major part in maintaining the health of your hair, nails and skin. And, because the best way to enjoy Biotin maximum benefits is by eating it.

It’s about two months from my first order, I just ordered three more bottles, and thought I had to write about it.

I started taking RenewGlow once a day slightly over two months ago and was surprised by how fast and how much my hair improved. I’ve always had some what thin hair, but, within two weeks I started to feel it stronger, less and less hair was left on my brush. Since finishing both bottles I barely have any hair coming out at all. I am finally starting to get the full and shiny crown I hoped for. On top of that, my skin seems just a bit shinier and more clear—I’ve always had some kind of small acne, and my nails feel much stronger and have grown out, so strong I haven’t needed nail polish for over a month.

I wouldn’t have believed a simple supplement could give me such results I just hope it continues.

I gladly recommend you to see for yourself, but will also suggest to do some research on your own so you also know what’s behind the ingredients.
You can find ingredients and renewglow on their website RenewGlow hopefully you get the same results as me when you try it and please share your opinion by writing me, I would love to see if anyone else gets the same results.