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Understand Your DNA With CRI Genetics To Love Your Beauty…

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How is it even slightly related? You wanna ask.

Well, the answer is both simple and complicated… You see, when you were conceived, you received genes and traits from both your parents. Some of these genes and traits might not have been obvious in them, but they carried them after their parents passed them on.

That’s why you could be the only one in your family with blond hair, or green eyes… The only one that you know of.

And that’s the trick!

By knowing where you come from, you can understand who you are, and capitalize on your qualities. It might seem like a complicated procedure but the wide variety of Ancestry tests made it easy and affordable to anyone.

CRI Genetics is one of the companies that could help you discover who your ancestors were. Generation after generation, they passed some of their own genes and traits to you, and only you.

They make you unique, even if you don’t see it.

They make you who you are. They also relate you to others on our planet.

You are unique, but you are not alone!

So yes. Everybody in your family tans fast and you burn no matter what… It could be that you have a Viking ancestor, as well as an Ancient Egyptian, and a descendant a North European Dynasty. They’re all in your family tree, far, far way from you.

You don’t even know about them. But, because darker skin and darker eyes are dominant genes, compared to the dormant light-colored skin and eyes, everybody who inherited the Ancient Egyptian genes can tan. But your lighter skin and your freckles are related to that North European Dynasty… How is that for Beauty??

And these aren’t just made up theories. They are things you could discover with a CRI Genetics Ancestry DNA Test. As well as your complete genetic make-up. You could also understand where you come from and find out where you belong.


But, more importantly, savor your difference and uniqueness.

It is your strength. It is your beauty.