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Dive Deep Into The Healing Properties Of Seawater.

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It’s this time of the year again… You’re looking into what to do and where to go this summer.

If you’re covered in snow right now, I bet a beach vacation seems idyllic. But did you know that seawater has multiple health benefits?

Let’s dive in together…

Early Interests

SeaWater2Sea bathing and seawater became fashionable healing treatment in the early XVIIIth Century in Europe. In 175o, Dr Charles Russel recommended Thalassotherapy to heal several diseases. He then founded the first bathing resort in Brighton, England.

But these could be considered old news as Hippocrates was already talking about “thalassotherapy” in 400 B.C.! This word comes from the Greek “thalassa”, meaning water, and “therapia”, meaning to cure. Known also as the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates was the first to use seawater for healing purposes.

For the past couple centuries, multiple scientists studied the healing benefits of seawater, proving that it has nearly all the essential elements. Its major constituents—magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium— as well as the living microorganisms present in seawater—producing beneficial antibiotic, antimicrobial and antibacterial substances—get absorbed through your skin, making seawater the perfect natural healer.

Heal Your Skin

  • Swimming in the ocean can repair your skin barrier and speed up its healing process. [1]
  • Thanks to its huge salt concentration—3.5% sodium chloride—seawater also acts as a natural exfoliation, leaving your skin soft and hydrated.
  • And—last but certainly not least—, the constituents of seawater are the perfect natural antiseptics. They will reduce inflammation and heal irritation. [2]

Boost Your Immunity

“The components of seawater, similar to human blood plasma, are easily absorbed and utilized by your body while swimming. Inhaling a sea mist filled with negatively charged ions, or molecules that attach to your lungs also boosts your immune system,” according to naturopathic doctor Connie Hernandez. “In addition, proponents claim that swimming in seawater opens pores in the skin to allow the absorption of sea minerals and the expulsion of disease-causing toxins from the body.” [3]

Seawater has the ability to relieve cold and flu symptoms, as well as to cure bronchitis and sinusitis. Inhaling sodium chloride, or salt from seawater, helps loosen mucus and treat pulmonary problems. [4]

Heal Your Mind

As you now know, seawater has a high concentration in magnesium and has been proven to have calming properties—by stabilizing the serotonin, melatonin and tryptamin levels in your brain—, and therefore reduce stress, relax your muscles and help you sleep.

“Magnesium depresses nerves to relieve nervous irritability for an increased sense of calmness”, according to wellness pioneer and author J.I. Rondale. [5]

But if ever you feel too lazy to swim, no worries. Pick up your towel and go lie down on the beach for a while—after a full body massage with a high IPF sunscreen of course. The heat of the sun will boost your endocrine system—the natural chemicals in our body designed to make you feel relaxed and less stressed effortlessly. [6]
Vacation is relaxing by definition. But, when you think of it, wouldn’t it be perfect it could cure some of your health issues at the same time? You’d come back well rested, tanned and healthy. Ready for the marathon of life. And, if you wanna dive even deeper into healing your body and your mind, you could try swimming with dolphins… [7]