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Does Rejuvelix Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream Work?

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1-bottle-rejuvelixThis past year I’ve finally told myself that I’m going to do something about the wrinkles that I keep noticing on my face. I’m constantly complaining to my husband and seeing them in the mirror every time I’m in the bathroom is starting to make me feel older than I am.

I just turned 49 and although I’ve never smoked, my skin seemed to start aging much younger than most other women. By the time I was 40 I had already started to notice fine lines around my mouth and eyes start to develop.

For years my foundation would hide the finer lines, but as I get closer to 50 I’ve been noticing that those lines were becoming deeper and new ones on my forehead were appearing. This was about the time that the bags under my eyes started to appear. I looked exhausted ALL THE TIME!

This wasn’t even what convinced me that I was missing out on something that so many women have known about for so long. Wrinkles aren’t something I pay too much attention to, but looking 10 years older has really changed the way that people treat me in stores, restaurants and even the gym!

Looking the age I am…or maybe a year or two younger would just be a plus!

When I was with friends they would constantly be assuming I was sick and needed help. And I’m not even 50 yet, but when I go out to eat the waiter would offer me the senior discount. That was a little embarrassing…especially when I’m next to my husband who of course is aging like fine wine.

The past 3 years have really been a wake up call for me, and until I was able to find a wrinkle cream that would slow down my signs of aging, I’ve been stressed out.

Botox doesn’t sound like a healthy option anymore…And although it’s effective, the price is just out of control and there are to many side effects.

So 10 months ago I turned 49 and told myself that before I turn 50 I’ll take control of my aging. I’ll admit I didn’t think it would take this long to finally be happy with how I look, but with a little perseverance, days of research and testing dozens of products…I’m finally satisfied with my appearance and excited for what the future brings!

I began by first learning about what wrinkle creams are. I didn’t know the first thing about how they worked, so I spent a few hours reading. You probably already know this, but at the time I was totally clueless…but retinol, a lady’s best friend is the secret to regaining the youthful skin that I missed.

Digging a little deeper though I found a secret…Something that I noticed more skincare professionals using, but I don’t think the cosmetic stores have really caught onto yet.

We’ve been using retinol for 50 years, but just a few years ago scientists made a few new discoveries that make retinol work even better. Apparently, if you add a few, safe new ingredients the effectiveness of retinol is boosted.

Obviously that sounds to good to be true, so I first tried a regular retinol cream from the grocery store and gave it a try. It had pretty good reviews so I thought that when the month was over I’d be looking years younger… I wish someone told me how wrong I was.

I saw literally no difference… I was so upset after the first month that I wasted on this cream that was supposed to reverse my signs of aging.

Now even though I didn’t believe the research that I found online, I bought a product that contained the new formulas but threw it aside because I assumed the one I already found would work.

In a fit of rage I decided I was going to try that new wrinkle cream…and the rest is history.

I think I was just so mad that the one that was supposed to work didn’t…and I felt hopeless because if one wrinkle cream doesn’t work, why would a different one with the same ingredients work?

I gave Rejuvelix a try, just because I was hoping that these new ingredients would do the trick. The research said that a proper blend of Ferment Extract, Beta-Glucan and natural fruit extracts. Rejuvelix advertised to have all three of these…I think they found the research I found long before me.

So I gave it a shot. I was hesitant for many reasons but I’m excited to share the results with you.

First of all, I could only find Rejuvelix online…That was my first flag. I contacted the company that makes it to find out what I couldn’t find them in any stores. Rest assured though, Skin Research Institute are the makers and informed me that because the research is so new…and so is the product, cosmetic stores are hesitant to sell a product that doesn’t have heavy marketing money behind it.

In other words… the cosmetics stores aren’t looking at what the best products are. They want to sell what is easiest to convince you to buy. Skin Research Institute was surprised I even found enough info to be so interested.

Also, the price was a little lower than expected. Rejuvelix contains retinol plus the three other ingredients so it should cost more. But their price was nearly the same as the other retinol creams I’ve been trying.

But because the research was there I thought it would be smart to at least give it a shot…I had found a bunch of reviews that said Rejuvelix was great anyways.

Of the many wrinkle creams I tried, or was told by friends not to try…Rejuvelix was by far the best and what I eventually chose to stick with.

The first week was mainly seeing the color come back into my face…In only a week I had been given years back in my appearance because my skin had that glow that it used to.

The dark spots around my eyes and blotches near my jaw started to even out and there was no more dry skin. Rejuvelix was able to hydrate my skin faster than anything else.

As the next two weeks went by, I continued to notice the color improve and then so much more. My skin tightened in the places I needed it to and the deep wrinkles nearly disappeared.

After the first month, the crows feet and bags were gone, I have a beautiful color back in my face and my skin feels healthy, moisturized and vibrant. Most of all, I feel young and beautiful again.

I was very pleased with how Rejuvelix was able to reduce…and almost completely eliminate all my wrinkles. Only the deepest creases didn’t go away, but with a little cover up they are completely unnoticeable. Not only did it do a better job at that, but it also worked a lot quicker than the others.

My friends told me that it would take 2 to 3 months to see these results, so I’m confident that these new “secrets” that I found are what helped give that extra push. I’m now on my second month of Rejuvelix and have noticed that it is continuing to reduce my wrinkles.

All in all, there are is a huge selection for wrinkle creams and if you’re getting worried about a few showing up…don’t worry. I’m here to tell you that there is hope if you want to keep your young skin or want to go back to looking like that. All it takes is a month and I feel so beautiful because of it.

I’m looking forward to what my wrinkle cream will do for me next, and when it does I’ll be sure to update you all.:)