Natural Beauty Style is a blog about:

  • natural health alternatives,
  • beauty products,
  • cosmetics,
  • and occasionally about style and fashion.

Free feel contact me or post any comments if you find what I am writing about interesting.

I have a PHD is Biology so I do a lot of research before writing a blog post, and try to based
every on real scientific studies and evidence.


About Me

Risa Lim

Risa Lim

My name is Risa Lim, I have worked overĀ  20 years as research scientist with doctorate in molecular genetics/evolution and broad proficiency in molecular, cell and system biology and biochemistry. Author of more than forty publications in diverse fields of biomedical research including renal/cardiac failure, placental physiology, metabolism and genome structure. Goal oriented with strong analytical, communicational, and writing skills.

I currently live in Toledo Ohio with my family.

Contact me for any inquires at:


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