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My Experience With Vitality Colostrum from Nutrition Topia

vitalityI live in Toledo, OH. Lake Erie, a major source of drinking water in Toledo, is contaminated with cyanobacteria, which produces a group of chemicals called microcystins. When I heard this news (we were under state of emergency when elevated levels of microcystins were registered in our drinking water) I immediately analyzed what are the consequences for human health. They are known mostly for their liver toxicity in humans and cause skin rash and mouth sore. Studies showed that in rodents and in fish these compounds causes immune imbalance. Indeed that time I had swollen glands under my chin, very painful irritation in my mouth and abdominal discomfort.

Fortunately, I did my research and had bought a bottle of colostrum, from Vitality Colostrum, a few days into this outbreak. I used it for one week and all the symptoms were gone. Of course, I do not have a strong proof that my recovery was due to colostrum (there was no a control study on exactly identical individual).

However, I do believe colostrum is a supplement with great health benefits. Colostrum contains huge amount of IGF1 (insulin-like growth factor 1), Immunoglobulin, and other molecules, such as Lactoferrin, promote so-called innate immunity, which is characterized by the immune cells reaction to any foreign microorganism (not necessary a pathogen) with molecular patterns on their surfaces different from those present in the host organism.

I like Vitality Colostrum in particular because they guarantee to have 30% or more Immunoglobulin. Immunoglobulins are critical components in the colostrum since they promote so-called adaptive immunity to particular pathogens often present in the gut.

Another reason I decided to purchase Vitality Colostrum is because when I did my research, it is one of the few supplements that was 3rd party verified that it comes from cows free from pesticides, antibiotics and added hormones. To me, it’s most important that I buy a supplement that its pure and free for any chemicals.

If you buy Vitality Colostrum or any other Colostrum please comment and share your experience with me below.

– Risa

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  1. Sarah

    I actually tried 2 others before I stumbled onto Vitality Colostrum, and for a while I thought the results should be coming over time, something like 2-3 months…

    I started taking colostrum to help settle my digestive system. After I turned 28 I just started going to the bathroom a lot – and the doctors kept telling me there is nothing wrong with me.. just my own system changing naturally.

    Tried Sybiosis for 4 weeks and didn’t really feel any difference, and then some other brand I forget the name but for 2 months…. So I stopped taking colostrum altogether for about a year since neither really helped.. or at least no results I could really feel.

    Recently a friend mentioned I should try colostrum – and it sounded as a joke because I;ve tried and it did not work for me, but she suggested Vitality colostrum, something about a different way of collecting and making it…

    Anyways I gave it a try earlier last week, and started to feel so much better now, almost like when I was in my 20s, don’t really feel the need to go to the bathroom as much..

    You sound like you know a lot about colostrum, do you know of any other supplements or foods that would be good to go along with colostrum?


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