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Desert Essence Face Wash Review

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Desert Essence Face Wash is one of those facial care products that have been capturing the attention of women from around the world due to its great natural ingredients that cure most skin problems, including acne, while it keeps face soft and clear. In today’s review, let’s get to know this product a bit further and find out if it’s time to replace your typical facial wash with it.

What Is the Desert Essence Face Wash?

It works by thoroughly cleansing face and keeping it feeling silky and clean all day long. It can work gently in removing skin impurities, dirt and grime, making it ideal for everyday use and as a part of every woman’s beauty regimen. The product can promote skin clarity with its awapuhi plant extract that promotes extra skin softening without irritating it. The awapuhi plant comes in a rich but gentle formulation that can soothe stressed or tired skin.  It also contains chamomile and goldenseal extract for added skin benefits. It can leave skin feeling soft and oil-free for many hours and gives it a soft feel and radiant look.

Key Benefits

This cleansing and soothing facial wash offers you with plenty of benefits, mainly due to its potent botanical ingredients, including chamomile. It acts as a natural facial cleanser that works effectively in helping in skin repair and healing process. If you’re worried about acne and blemishes, this powerful ingredient can also work against them, without causing skin dryness and irritation.  It also helps protect your skin from free radical damage, which can cause premature aging, reduces puffiness under your eyes and acts as a natural facial scrub, removing dead skin cells for a renewed facial skin appearance.  Another great benefit of chamomile for the skin is that it can soothe any skin issues, including dryness and dark circles, making the product an ideal facial wash for all skin types.

The Desert Essence Face Wash also contains goldenseal extract, a known antiseptic and botanical ingredient that has been trusted by the ancient folks in combating acne, skin abrasions and ulcers. It can also prevent skin inflammation yet it works gently and without side effects. So if you have acne and other skin disorders, you may want to go for the facial wash that gives you the benefits of nature for your skin.


  • Gentle facial cleanser
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth and silky for many hours
  • Keeps skin radiant, flawless and with perfect texture
  • Soothing with its chamomile, Hawaiian White Ginger and goldenseal components
  • Contains great botanical ingredients, including Tea tree oil, which can make your skin flawless and free from dryness
  • Offers additional mineral benefits from Bladderwrack

What Users Love About It

They are saying nothing but great things about this product when it comes to keeping their skin flawless and radiant! They also love its perfect combination of natural ingredients that work in moisturizing and nourishing their faces without the irritation or dryness. They also appreciate that the product contains soothing chamomile that gives their skin a relaxed and pampered feeling longer.

Final Say

Based on a general consensus, this facial wash is one of the most promising around. If you’re looking to achieve clean and clear facial skin that also looks healthy and radiant, you shouldn’t miss the Desert Essence Face Wash


Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque Review

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Are you looking for a deep repair hair mask so that you can restore the gorgeous appearance of your crowning glory? As you may already know, your hair suffers from the damage, including breakage, split ends and dehydration during the harsh winter or hot or windy weather. But this may not be a problem if you’ll go for a good deep repair hair mask that can help condition and repair hair to prevent split ends, tangles and frizzy texture. One product that might have captured your attention is the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair.  Let’s take a loom and discover if this is a good pick.

What Is the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque?

It is revitalizing hair repair mask that can help your hair prevent damage and dryness, no matter the weather. It is made with aloe and algae extracts, Argan oil, macadamia oil, chamomile oil, and tea tree oil—all working in rebuilding and rejuvenating hair to restore its healthy and radiant appearance and  smooth texture. It also works in leaving hair and scalp deeply nourished for improved shine and elasticity. Its long-lasting conditioning promotes hair, scalp health, keeping it nourished and smooth all the time.

Key Benefits

With a combination of botanical oils, the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque is a good choice to women who are looking for deep hair conditioning and repair. This product can keep hair free from frizziness and dehydration as well as protected from split ends and damage. With it, you can look forward to restoring volume, shine and luster in your hair, making you look even more gorgeous and lovely with your thick and glowing crowning glory.

This product is infused with great nature ingredients, including macadamia oil, lightweight, nutty smelling oil that has Oleic acid and Palmitoleic acid that makes it ideal in preventing dehydration. It also contains tea tree essential oil that can improve hair health and protect it from split ends and damage. It is also loaded with argan oil, another essential mineral that can soften and hydrate hair and that can provide your hair with nourishing with its high fatty acid and vitamin E content, giving hair an extra boost, without leaving a greasy feel or giving it irritation.  Argan is also perfect not only for its deep conditioning effect but also for its moisturizing properties.


  • Combines the best hair ingredients, including chamomile oil, tea tree oil, argan oil and macadamia, all working in harmony to promote hair health and provide it with lustrous shine and all day smoothness
  • Ultra hair repair
  • Long-lasting condition and deep-nourishing

What Users Love About It

They are saying that the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque has an amazing smell, which works for both male and female users. They also love that only a little of it can go a long way with its nice consistency. Also, they reveal that it keeps their hair soft all day long as well as it gives their hair protection from further damage like split ends and dryness.  Many of them are saying that this is a must-have in their hair care routine and that they recommend it to anyone looking for deep repair and conditioning.

Final Say

This deep repair hair mask deserves applause for its generous natural ingredients that can keep optimum hair health and that can provide it with the deep conditioning and repair it needs to restore its perfection. Buy yours now!