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Alba Botanica Bath & Shower Gel Review

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Are you in the midst of research for that right bath and shower gel that can give you skin pampering you’re looking for? Then, you’ve come to the right review with today’s highlight the Alba Botanica Bath & Shower Gel. Is it worth your attention and trust? Let’s see what users say about it, its features and key benefits.

What Is the Alba Botanica Bath & Shower Gel?

Alba Botanica has been around since 1979 and it’s a company that offers vegetarian and natural personal care products. One of its products on the market is this bath and shower gel, a hypoallergenic shower gel that’s made with only pure botanicals like lavender and meadowsweet. It can cleanse, soften and soothe your skin for that great bath you’re looking for. This gentle shower gel is formulated to help nourish your body.

Key Benefits

The Alba Botanica Bath & Shower Gel is said to be good for the skin and for reasons. Its maker, though the years, has been committed and dedicated to provide its consumers only the best 100% vegan products, which are certainly not tested on animals. Having that said, every user can be rest assured that this product is effective yet gentle for the skin. One of its main ingredients is lavender, a known botanical that does not only soothe but also heals and protects the skin with its antifungal and antiseptic properties.

When used, this product can help in reducing scarring as well as in speeding up healing. This wonderful ingredient also helps in normalizing oil production in the body. Best of all, lavender in this shower gel can also help in stimulating cell growth and regeneration.

On the other hand is meadowsweet in the Alba Botanica Bath & Shower Gel. It is known to possess high levels of exfoliative properties as well as it aids in fighting the signs of aging by assisting in restoring proper skin metabolism as it used to be when you’re younger.

So if you want to keep your skin soft, smooth and nourished while keeping it looking young and protect it from bacteria, you may want to check out this Alba Botanica bath and shower gel.


  • Gentle even for sensitive skin
  • Cleanses, softens and soothes skin
  • Comes in a rich gel formulation
  • 100% vegetarian-friendly
  • Not tested on animals
  • Comes with a mild scent
  • No synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates

What Users Love About It

They report of its rich lather formula that gives them a nice bath, feeling pampered. They also report that they love its luxurious, rich bubbles. The product does not cause skin drying, they added. Many of them also reveal of its great pampering effects on their skin, while keeping them feeling and smelling clean all day.

Final Say

As a general consensus, this bath and shower gel receives positive remarks from its users. No wonder, its rich formulation and botanical ingredients have made it a perfect choice to those looking not just to stay smelling clean and fresh but also to keeping their skin nourished and soft. If you’re looking for a decent bath and shower gel, this Alba Botanica creation may be a good choice for you.