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Anti-Aging Cosmetics

City Views Rapid Repair Eye Cream Review by City Cosmetics

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City Views rapid repair eye cream is manufactured by City Cosmetics, an American-based company. The manufacturer claims that this cream reduces visibility of the crow feet, lines and wrinkles, diminishes puffiness and prevent sagging.


I got a sample of City Views as a gift, I did not know much of this cream and I had no idea how much it costs. Thus, for me it was a “blind test”. I always use and constantly test good eye creams from the department stores. Since I believe that the area around eyes is one of the most critical in the signs of aging specifically sagging and puffiness I do not want to take a risk for cheap eye cream or cream from not well-known producers. However, careful analysis of the ingredient list in City View convinced that it was probably safe to try this eye cream.


What in the gradient list made me confident enough to try it on myself?

I found that this cream contains good natural oils (jojoba and safflower), harmless synthetic lipids and vitamins A and E, which all are standard ingredients for contemporary cosmetics. Other ingredients important are: 1) zinc oxide, which serves as a mild sunscreen and helps to reduce irritability of the skin specifically around the eyes; 2) Pine Pinaster bark extract contains a plethora of antioxidants as well as substances that increase blood flow and thus make the skin looks younger; 3) and finally, probably the most important ingredient is extract from the Horse Chestnut bark. Why I think though? This extract is rich in saponins , which, in addition to their unique properties to clean and soften the skin, posses anti-inflammatory and vasoprotective qualities. Saponins enhance capillary constricting and, thus can prevent puffiness. They also inhibit activities of enzyme, which degrades matrices supporting the collagen fibres.


I was not disappointed with City View cream. Opposite, the effect was better than I expected. I do not usually have puffiness (unless it is allergy), however sagging and crow feet have become recently a big problem for me. After couple of weeks of of City View eye cream application my upper lid became visibly tighter, and appearance of wrinkle greatly diminished.

City View cream is absorbed very quickly by the skin, has a light and pleasant fragrance.


I highly recommend buying this product. I did not see any abjection for this – no cons, only pros.

Anti-Aging Cosmetics

City Lights Radiance Reflecting Cream by City Cosmetics Review

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City Lights radiance reflecting cream or skin brightener is manufactured by City Cosmetics, an American-based company. The manufacturer claims that this cream is formulated to “promote a brighter and more luminous complexion” by reduction “of the appearances and visibility of dullness, sun spots blemishes and discolorations”.


On their website, the company claims that they use the highest quality ingredients for their products, run vigorous testing of their products and “take the disciplines of art and technology”. These statements are impossible to check and are only to believe in them, since the company is relatively new and is not rated.


I received a bottle of City Lights as a gift, I did not know much of this cream and I had now idea how much it costs. Thus, for me it was a “blind test”. I have a very lightly colored and very sensitive skin.  I do not have any blemishes or discolorations, but sometimes my skin looks dull. Major problem for my skin is the following – any cream I buy from the drug or natural cosmetics stores is not works for me – it has just opposite effect on my skin. After application of anti-wrinkle creams I have wrinkles in areas where they were not present before, moisturizers make my skin dry and dull. It doesn’t matter if I use creams highly recommended by Vogue magazine or by Dr. Oz. So I always shop for creams in Sephora or in the department stores while constantly looking for something less expensive in Internet.

City Light cream was a very good surprise for me. It moisturizes very well, has a quit nice consistency, it smells pleasantly with slight touch of chamomile. This cream definitely enhances brightness of the skin and keeps the skin fresh and young.



City Light cream contains a set of natural antioxidants such as vitamins E, A and plant extracts rich in flavonoids, phenolic glycosides and phytosterols. Original combination of this ingredients and general formulation on this cream seems to provide good support for the skin health as the company claims it.



The main ingredient in City Light formulation that protects the skin from sunspots and discoloration is alpha-arbutin, which is working basically by inhibiting production of the brown pigment – melanin. Melanin is a natural sunscreen, thus it would be much better to have sunscreen in City Light cream.  Otherwise I apply sunscreen together with CityLight if I plan to go outside.


In summary,  the City Light cream is an excellent product with a very good price.

I recommend it very much.